Whittier Spear Fishing Decoys
Lidgerwood, North Dakota

Photo's submitted by customer's using Whittier decoys.

Susan out spears the guys using the Whittier Bloodrunner decoy, Congrats Susan !
Congratulations to Mark Giltrop of Michigan takes this once in a lifetime MONSTER muskie, at 53 inches and 44 lbs 8 oz the Michigan Darkhouse Association is trying to verify a possible record weight on this one from Black Lake.  It came in on an extra large Whitefish Decoy by Whittier Decoys.
Shanna Cogswell came to North Dakota and used a micro mini Goldfish Whittier Decoy to get the Northern's Feb 7 & 8th, 2015.  Way to go Shanna !!
Art Tiede of Southern MN takes a nice one using Whittier Decoy's ND Yellow Perch on 1/20/15.
John P Holicky takes a couple nice northern's two days in a row using a Whittier Decoy, Sheepshead.  The first one pictured was on 01/03/15 the second on 01/14/15, it's 35".

Congrats Jaimey Troumbly (MOOCH) on this AWESOME 37 1/5 lb, 15 1/4 " pike, using a small 6 inch largemouth bass Whittier Decoy in Northern MN on 12/23/14.

The ever popular Whittier Pumpkinseed Sunfish brings a nice one in for Sunfish decoy lover John Werlich of MN.  A nice 33", 9 lbs.
The bigger 33 incher here shouldn't even have been hungry, she had 7 perch in her belly, one still alive when Chris went to clean her.  Caught on another popular Walleye decoy made by Whittier Decoy's in the early part of the 2014/2015 season.

This monster was brought in the beginning of the 2014 / 2015 season using an extra large whitefish decoy, a popular Whittier Decoy for the big ones !

Doug Cogswell with his 47" MONSTER PIKE, speared using a 6" Whittier Rainbow Trout decoy.

Eric E of MN pictured below with his first pike in ND.
21 Pikes speared by the group January, 2014 in ND.  Connie Whittier, Shanna C, Doug C, Andy G and Gina had a great time.  They used the following Whittier decoys - Spawning Male Sockeye Salmon, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, ND Yellow Perch and a red & white.
This happy spearer is 82 year old, Bud Jones and got this beauty on a Whittier Yellow Perch decoy in Michigan.
WOW, WOW, WOW - look at these catch of the day Pikes, all speared using the Whittier original 9 1/4"  Tigerdevil decoy !
Doug C of MN with an AWESOME 38" Pike in ND.  This was his first time spearing in ND Jan 11 & 12, 2014.  Doug used this one of a kind Whittier worker decoy named "Blood Runner".
Lynn S - "Shoes" of MN - with his first Pike in ND, Jan. 11-12, 2014.  Shoes was using a small Whittier, pink and silver sunfish decoy.

Robert T of Montana speared these in December 2013 using the Whittier northern pike decoy in the picture.
This is a testimony by a North Dakota customer we received by email on 11/25/13:  He gave us permission to use the pics and his email provided we guarantee him we wouldn't stop making the 6 inch yellow perch decoy :)

Good evening,
I bought a small size perch from you last year for spearing, and let me tell you the fish rocked that thing! We used it every time we went, which was every spare minute we had and nailed the pike every time. My guess is we speared 75 pike with that single decoy. The fish would come in and hammer that thing every single time. However, it is now full of teeth marks, both eyes and one of the fins are gone! The largest pike was 38" and we missed one that was around  42-43". With this cold snap I am getting the fever again. I would like to order 2, 6" yellow perch decoys. I forgot how I paid last year but would be happy to send a personal check or give you my card via phone. Below are a just a couple of pics from last season.
Thank you, 
Andy G
Fordville ND
Brandon, Northern MN, using a Perch decoy.
11.5 pound whopper speared by Paul & Barby of Alexandria, MN on 2/23/13 using a Firetiger decoy by Rick.
Dennis, Northern, MN used a Whittier Decoy.
Silver Phase Pike speared by Isiah using a Whittier decoy.
Dennis of Northern Minnestoa showing off big pike using Whittier decoy.
Jumbo Pike Northern MN
Fat Northern Pike, Northern MN
Monster Pike, Northern MN
Another nice Pike brought in on a Whittier decoy in Northern MN
Bill showing HUGE Northern coming in on Whittier decoy.
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