Whittier Spear Fishing Decoys
Lidgerwood, North Dakota
Whittier Decoys
Rick started carving spear fishing decoys full time in late 2004.  These fully functional works of art are collected and used for spear fishing around the world.  They make beautiful display pieces and are also wonderful swimmers to be used for spear fishing.  Spear fishing decoys have become a highly collectible art since it has been realized they are what started the Folk Art movement in the U.S..  Rick competes in the MDAA (Minnesota Darkhouse and Angling Association) competitions in Minnesota and at the NFDA (National Fish Decoy Association) in Perham, MN at the World Points Championship where he has won nearly 80 awards and ribbons, including MN carver of the year.  He's also on limited edition posters, calendars and post cards.  Rick's work has been exhibited in an exclusive exhibit at the ND Governor, First Lady and Attorney General's offices for 3 months.  He has also been featured on WDAY news as well as several other documentaries.  Recently his work was on display at the Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia.  He is a master artist in ND and has taught 3 apprentices' for the ND Council on the Arts.  Rick has done alot of custom carvings including wedding cake toppers, making trophies for fishing tournaments and replicating extinct fish for museum displays.  We welcome orders via phone 701-538-4064 or email us at: whittierdecoys@hotmail.com.  We are proud members of MDAA and Pride of Dakota (POD). We also sell them on auction on ebay under user i.d. whittierdecoys and at the Pride of Dakota shows and MDAA/NFDA shows.
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